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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The One Direction Free Ticket Giveaway


Okay jangan tertipu dengan tajuk di atas..saje nak wat  gempak sikit konon ada OneDirection ada wat giveaway...that menatang giveaway tu is actually a SCAM.
Tadi aku dapat offer giveaway ni thru twitter..memang aku tak percaya la kan..
lagipon aku bukannya buluq sangat ngan onedirection sebab minat sikit ja.. kalo BIGBANG
mungkin goyang la jugak sikit haha...

dan ini terjadi beberapa minit setelah aku tweet bnda ni

so nampak tak permainannya di situ??
aku wat entry ni in case ada sesapa yang bendul pi percaya...
untuk keterangan lanjut teruskan membaca...


Have you been contacted on Twitter or Facebook, and told that you’ve won free tickets to One Direction in concert? Perhaps VIP backstage passes? Before you circle your calendar, you may want to look at the fine print. Let’s take a look at what’s going on here.
Bottom Line:
It’s nothing more than a “rewards” program that is nearly impossible to complete. Keep reading for more details.
The Twitter account I saw today was @Jamarby and the name “1D Ticket Giveaway,” which at that time had sent 22 tweets, all of them promising tickets to a few users at a time. Here are some of their tweets:
  • 2 Tickets for you. You Won
  • Hey Fan You Won some tickets!
  • 1D fan you won!
  • You Won. Grab your One Directlon tickets now

Trying to figure out how to get these tickets entails a rather lengthy wild goose chase.
This Twitter account links to on its bio. Clicking on this link will send you to This site tells you that you need to connect with Facebook  in order to claim your free tickets.
Mousing over that Facebook link shows a URL of, but when you click it, it forwards you to a Facebook app called 1D VIP Contest, 1D Ticket Giveaway. You will then be asked if it’s ok for the app to post on your behalf. You should always be very careful letting any app post for you. I really didn’t want to, so in this case I used an old Facebook account  just to see what happened.
After I approved the app, I was sent to, also apparently associated with and This is where I finally found the answer I was looking for – it’s nothing more than a rewards program. This means you must register and complete several “sponsored” offers, fill out a credit application, and get three friends to complete the entire process.
Don't count on any One Direction tickets from this place

Thanks for reading. Kindly drop your comments below ya. Really appreciate your thoughts. Cheers!


Unknown said...

ok..bole nmpak permainan die..hehe

DaYaH JeLitA said...

kan cik mun? hehe

Namee Roslan said...

somekind of tricks ke ?

DaYaH JeLitA said...

haah maybela