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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lion-Parkson Foundation Scholarship

Assalamualaikum dan salam 1 Malaysia :D

Mesti ramai yang tak taw pasal scholarship nie..actually aku pon taw daripada kawan aku..dia amek from keratan newspaper..dalam tenet yang femes pon MARA, JPA, SHELL, PETRONAS... aku pon isi la borang dia and pos.. aku rasa ramai yang malas nak mintak sebab kena wat esei kot..ala watt jelahh bukan susah.. ni website mereka THE LION GROUP dan ini LION-PARKSON FOUNDATION

Actually i already got JPA scholarship when i was in UITM Puncak Alam doing Foundation of Engineering but the condition that i must fulfill to continue the scholarship during my degree is i must achieve CGPA of 3.4 and above.. Unfortunately i only get 3.33 for both semester... tu laaa main-main lagi..sobss.. :( kalaw nak dapat pon bergantung kepada budi bicara pihak JPA lah rasanya

Thinking that i might not be able to get the scholarship again, i tried to apply for Lion-Parkson..Luckily, i got call and emel from the Lion Group for the preliminary interview..Yesss!! Im so exciteddd...however my mum not allow me to go to the interview since it seem a bit dangerous as i have nobody to accompany me, she don't have enough confident that i will get the scholarship.. i tried to persuade her that 
I CAN DO IT!! I CAN DO IT!! I CAN DO IT!! *nampak garang tak? ekeke
and luckily my sister came back for her school break and was able to accompany me.. yess!! bleh pi jenjalan..ehehehe..

ni bukti..hikhikhik

I felt a bit shocked when i reach there because the are just few students that came for the interview.. there are morning and evening session..i thought that there were just about 20 students mostly Chinese that came for the interview... so aku pikir ni ade can nieee sebab tak ramai..kehkehkeh.. one more thing i realize that im the only Malay's student that attended the interview.. there were another boy named Husaini but he didn't came.. rugi..rugi.. haa pastu yang terkejut tu nama aku first plak tuu ..haishh masa interview JPA pon aku first..-,-

Masa tunggu dipanggil neves jugak aa..tapi aku cuba ingat nasihat mak aku..anggap ja depa tu pak ngah or tok cik aku yang selalu interbiu aku bila beraya kat umah depa..hukhukhuk..just calm down and talk from your need to prepare anything..yelah nak prepare apa bukannya aku taw depa nak tanya apa..huhu...whatever it was, Alhamdulillah i manage to do well in this interview.. 

I wanna share some questions that they asked me during the interview...
  • Firstly, they asked me to introduce myself.. i took about 3 min for the introduction 
  • Then they asked about my family details and academic background
  • They also asked some questions that they already prepared such as "how do you see yourself in the future?"
  • "How your friends/teacher/other people see yourself?"
  • Some questions about how you solve your problems in your life..
Thats all that i can remember..I really enjoyed the interview because it gave me a new experience on individual interview :)

anddd Guest What????!!!

Ehehehe.. i got shortlisted again for the final interview...yahuuu!! harapan makin cerah \(^_^)/

bukti...kihkihkih :P

Thanks for all my friend who wished me good luck... i will update about the Final Interview later..


p/s: harap-harap makin ramai apply for this scholarship

Thanks for reading. Kindly drop your comments below ya. Really appreciate your thoughts. Cheers!


Asyila Zainuddin said...

all the best! :)

DaYaH JeLitA said...

Tengs dear~

.M.E.A.S.M.Y.S.E.L.F. said...

wah~ bestnye~~~ nak jugak!!

Unknown said...

salam,.sy pon dpt twaran scholarship ni,tp dye gne skype tok sesi interview,.sy nk tnye,brpe ringgit dpt dalam 1 sem?

DaYaH JeLitA said...

zaidi : really? wow so u dont have to go the office tower la utk interview? apepon gudluck! em for scholarship rm6k for 1 semester.
for loan, rm4.5k for 1 sem

nana said...

salam, final interview..! neves lahh... xda ker tips2 for me..? ><

aina said...

tolong ....... please......
tip2 n pemakaian.....
sy x pandai speaking....
nk jumpa diorang.....camne nie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the questions . It is helpful 😁😁😁

Anonymous said...

How many interview do they have?